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Can a cup of coffee change the world?

Posted by Jennifer Berry on Fri, Nov 30, 2012

Sometimes in life it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact.

It is the time of year again to “Pay it Forward”. Continuing our eight year Christmas tradition, everyone at Level 2 is armed with coffee gift cards so they are ready to make surprise purchases for unsuspecting strangers. This is how we celebrate the spirit of the season. You may be lucky enough to be behind one of us in line at your favorite coffee shop. In the month of December if you receive your coffee free from someone ahead of you in line, it may be one of us or someone we have touched with this small gift.

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Level 2 Sportswear Summer Contest Winners! {EAV:3a870939d7a79b94}

Posted by Jennifer Berry on Fri, Aug 03, 2012

How do you engage your customers?

Customers have more choices today than ever before - how do you connect with your clients?  How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?  There are many ways to market your brand and gain the attention of your client base.  One of the options is adding promotional products to your marketing plan.  Using promotional products to market yourself is one of the more inexpensive routes of marketing but one of the most effective.  Clients will see value in the gift you have given, they will wear or use your branded product and will be messengers of your corporate brand.  Promotional products can excite your customers, set you apart from your competitors, and engage your clients.   

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Posted by Jennifer Berry on Wed, Jul 04, 2012

t Level 2 Sportswear, relationship building is our business.  Yes, we sell promotional products, but our core business is creating partnerships.  If you choose Level 2 as your promotional marketing partner, you will get top notch customer service and have amazing creativity at your fingertips.

Choosing the right promotional products company is an important decision for a business.  Instead of just selling you promo items, Level 2 creates a team with you and your staff.  We focus on YOUR business and how we can help you achieve your goals. Whether you need to thank your staff, recognize a great customer, or create a safety or service award program, we at Level 2 have the answers.  There are many suppliers out there that you could potentially work with, but if you choose Level 2 Sportswear, you have found the right one - a partner that you can trust to bring you accountability, integrity, and creativity in all that we do.

Our partners are the most important piece of our business.  Our clients are why we are so successful and we would love to show you why we are so different.  Call Level 2's team and find out how we can take your next promotional marketing purchase to the next level.

Our goal at Level 2 Sportswear is to make YOU look good....call us and let us show you how!


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