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Logo Application 101 | Take a seat ... class is about to begin

Posted by Susan Deering on Fri, Nov 09, 2012

What is the best way to logo my corporate clothing?

logo decoration corporate clothing

There are many ways to put your corporate logo on apparel, so which way is the best?  There are several methods and each one can be an excellent choice. Before deciding, you need to consider the following: Fabric, Logo Size, Lettering Size, Detail Required, Budget, Timeline.

The techniques available to us today allow decoration to be placed on the sleeves, hoods, inside the collars, and practically anywhere else your imagination can think of.  It allows ultimate creativity on what decoration you choose and where you place it on your corporate clothing.

Take some time to look at the images and view the videos below for a more thorough description of the various logo techniques available. This information has been provided by Trimark.

heat transfer, logoed items

New! Heat Transfers – True Edge 4 Colour

What's unique about this method is that it allows your logo to be displayed with a four colour process at 150 DPI combined with free-standing text, as small as 8pt type. Notice, no contour on text or fine lines are required.


  heat transfer, logoed itemsNew! Heat Transfers – True Edge Spot Colour

True Edge Spot Colour adds PMS spot colours—where you need them—for crisp reproduction. Again, no contours are required and the result is 150 DPI quality... right down to 8pt type. When compared to other decorative techniques like stitching, the difference is clear.


 heat transfer, logoed itemsNew! Heat Transfers – Photograffix

It's a four-colour process that can duplicate photograpahic quality starting at 300 DPI. Virtually any colour or image can be reproduced. One of the challenges with Photograffix is that with small text, a border/contour is required. When you choose Photograffix, your logo's finest details are always captured.




embroidery, logoed itemsEmbroidery

For apparel decoration, there is probably no more classic technique than embroidery. When you see the results, it just makes sense. Properly executed embroidery provides a high-value look to almost any design. It's a durable, time-honoured method that uses an incredible array of thread colours to match the colours in your logo.




patches, logoed itemsPatches

Choose from three different types of patches: rubber, vintage, or woven. Each type offers exceptional reproduction of detailed and complex logos or images. Virtually any colour can be matched, so your corporate brand is accurate and impactful.




screen print, logoed itemsScreen Print

This technique is simply the ideal economic choice when designing and producing large multi-coloured decorations. The screen print process is also a great choice when you want to replicate a distressed look and feel. And of course, it works very best on both t-shirts and fleece. 




laser, logo, corporate clothingLaser

Laser technology provides you with a unique tone-on-tone look. Branding can be placed virtually anywhere. Laser works best on bright colours by burning a tiny layer on the material?s surface to create a darker tone. Best of all, laser doesn't puncture the garment, so technical fabrics retain their waterproofing or wind proofing capabilities.



deboss, logo, corporate clothingDeboss

Deboss creates an eye-catching 3D imprint giving your brand a refined look with a subtle tone-on-tone appearance ideal for when you want your corporate message to be confidently states and can be applied virtually anywhere. Deboss does not puncture the material, so technical garments retain their waterproof or windproof capabilities.




applique, logo, corporate clothingApplique

When it comes to bringing a sense of heritage to any brand, a distinctively true vintage look goes a long way. For appliques, we offer an attractive selection of available twill and felt fabrics. You can also choose from an array of pre-cut letters and designs or create your own for a truly one-of-a-kind statement. When it comes to large-size apparel decoration, applique is simply the best choice.


I hope this helps you to determine which logo application is right for you. Maybe you can try a few different types on one piece. Have some fun with it!  


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