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Pay it Forward with a Cup of Joe

Posted by Susan Deering on Tue, Dec 10, 2013

Sometimes in life it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact.

It is the time of year again to “Pay it Forward”. Continuing our nine year Christmas tradition, everyone at Level 2 is armed with coffee gift cards so they are ready to make surprise purchases for unsuspecting strangers. This is how we celebrate the spirit of the season. You may be lucky enough to be behind one of us in line at your favorite coffee shop. In the month of December if you receive your coffee free from someone ahead of you in line, it may be one of us or someone we have touched with this small gift.

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If you are one of these lucky people, all we ask is that you “Pay it Forward” by doing the same or some other form of kindness for a complete stranger.

This kind of promotion does not have our logo attached nor will anyone know that we did it.

Being a “promotional” business this would seem very counterproductive. But sometimes the best promotions do not need a direct ROI (return on investment).

The ROI of this promotion is hard to measure in dollars. What value do you put on making somebody’s day or putting a smile on their face? Or how do you calculate the viral spread of the initial gift as others take this surprise gift and “Pay it Forward” by reciprocating the next time they buy a coffee.

As we spend the next few weeks telling our “random acts of kindness” stories to each other, we hope that you are creating some of these stories of your own.

Tell us how you celebrate this time of year.

Maybe we can help you.

What about donating toques and gloves to a homeless shelter?

Stuffed animals to a children’s charity?

Chocolates to a senior’s home?

Let us know how we can help you make a difference this season.  Contact Level 2 for your unique Christmas ideas.


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