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Power Choices that Pack a Punch

Posted by Susan Deering on Thu, Jun 12, 2014

Power Choices that Pack a Punch

The technology that has become available to us has changed greatly over the past 10 years. Cell phones and other electronic devices have become so useful and powerful that we use them on a daily if not minute by minute basis. They keep us connected to our work, our family and our friends. We can talk, text, email take photos, manage our schedules, play games and keep our grocery lists all on one device.

Often the biggest issue with all this technology is keeping the devices charged. There is nothing worse than having your cell phone die when you’re waiting to receive important information or calls. And the chargers that are provided with these devices are typically meant to plug into a wall socket which isn’t always convenient especially when you’re out and about.

The solution?  We have a few products that will help you out depending on your needs. You simply charge these units up ahead of time, and then when you need it, you can boost your electronic devices when you are on the go.


PowerTrip - The PowerTrip is a winner of the 2011 CES Innovation award. It charges mobile devices such as BlackBerrys, cell phones, smart phones, PDAs, iPhones, iPods, iPads, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players.



It can receive a full charge from a wall socket, a supplemental through a USB port, and a top-up through its solar PV panel.

Replaces all your chargers with one convenient power source.

Fully charged can power five Blackberrys or IPhones

The first wall charger with its own battery

Is safe for mobile devices, as it has a micro-controlled processor that provides power only as needed.

Charges cellphones, PDAs and MP3 players through your device’s USB cable.

Available with no memory, 8GB and 16GB.


PowerStick II - Based on the winner of the CES Award for Best of Innovation, the redesigned PowerStick II charges mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players. Simply recharge it from any USB port including computers and laptops and then use it to charge mobile devices.powerstick ii w iphone 5 611croppedbosch 300x194

Replaces all your chargers with one convenient power source.

Uses no disposable batteries, and eliminates the need for wall chargers.

The size of a pack of gum, it fits easily in your pocket or purse and weighs less than 2 oz.

Safe for mobile devices, a micro-controlled processor provides power only when needed.

Models available with 4GB or 8GB of memory.


PowerShot II - The Powershot II is a portable power source for mobile devices such as smart phones, iPods, digital cameras, GPS and MP3 Players. Charge it using any USB port, stick it in your pocket or purse, and receive a shot of power whenever and wherever you need it.


Useful – One Powershot II will give your mobile devices an emergency charge.

Convenient – Charge it by using any USB port found on laptops, PCs, airplanes and newer vehicles.

Small – So small it fits in your pocket

Universal – Can be charged from any USB port anywhere in the world.  No need for special power adapters.

Safe – Controls energy flow to your device, reducing overall energy consumption and risk to your device.


These items will keep you and your employees charged up and in contact while out doing their day-to-day activities. Never miss an important message again.


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