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Pay it Forward – Our Annual Christmas Campaign

Posted by Susan Deering on Tue, Dec 08, 2015

Sometimes in life it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact.

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Can a cup of coffee change the world?

Posted by Jennifer Berry on Fri, Nov 30, 2012

Sometimes in life it is the smallest things that make the biggest impact.

It is the time of year again to “Pay it Forward”. Continuing our eight year Christmas tradition, everyone at Level 2 is armed with coffee gift cards so they are ready to make surprise purchases for unsuspecting strangers. This is how we celebrate the spirit of the season. You may be lucky enough to be behind one of us in line at your favorite coffee shop. In the month of December if you receive your coffee free from someone ahead of you in line, it may be one of us or someone we have touched with this small gift.

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How to Say "Thank You" the Level 2 Way

Posted by Susan Deering on Thu, Oct 04, 2012

Merry Thanksgiving!  What???

Picture this. It’s Christmas time in the office. Everyone is dropping off beautiful gifts and cards to thank you for all your hard work throughout the year. The boardroom table is covered in treats and gifts so plentiful that nobody can possibly eat any more or unwrap anything else. The final gifts brought in at the last moment before the office closes for the holiday get pushed off to the side, and forgotten until everyone returns in the New Year. By then, everyone is so tired of the excesses of the holiday that these gifts get put in a pile and dealt with later.

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