Effective Safety Awards Programs

The purpose of a safety program is to encourage employees to exercise greater care and be more conscious of hazards so that the number of accidents will be reduced. With the costs of accidents so high, both in financial costs and human costs, it is beneficial to implement a safety program that will reward your employees for being more conscious of the dangers around themselves and others.


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Benefits to Offering Safety Award Programs


• Practice good safety procedures

• Create a culture of safety

• Reduce on the job accidents

• Reduce insurance costs

• Lower workers compensation costs

• Avoid costly interruptions to operations

• Improve productivity

• Improve employee attitude and morale

• Improve overall product quality

• Enhance a feeling of teamwork

• Pride of accomplishment

• Productive habits

• Elimination of many hazards

• A better safety record

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What Type of Rewards Work?

There are many types of rewards that can be offered for such a program. It has been determined that tangible incentives are highly desired by participants as they serve as symbols as success, as well as they reinforce pride of achievement and teamwork. When you recognize and reward safe behaviours you send the message that you are trying to build a positive and safe environment.


How Much Will it Cost Me?

Safety incentive and recognition programs are not an expense, they are an investment. Safety professionals know that reducing the risk of accidents can greatly reduce insurance premiums, equipment costs, fewer days lost on the job, disability claims and human costs. Implementing a program doesn’t need to be expensive, just effective and timely. In addition to immediate savings gained from a reduction in incidents and longer term savings on Workers’ Compensation premiums, there are ongoing gains from having a highly motivated and productive workforce.


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Annual Death Toll

Tragically, thousands of workers, every year, have their life changed because of a major injury while hundreds more lose their life because of their work. No job is worth dying for, yet over 900 people lose their lives annually. These are not accidents, they can be prevented. It’s important to remember that Canada still has one of the highest rates of workplace deaths in the industrialized world, and even one death is still one too many. (Canadian Labour Congress, www.canadianlabour.ca)


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